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Do you feel that you're missing out on yoga because you're physically unable to practice yoga on a mat? Are you interested in discovering what chair yoga is all about?

Lore Kent's Long Island Chair Yoga introduces you to all aspects of a traditional yoga program while sitting in the comfort of a chair. Practicing yoga in a chair allows us to experience poses ranging from the most basic therapeutic poses to the more advanced yoga postures. We also have the option of standing and utilizing the chair as a prop, enabling us to work with balance, deepening our alignment and experience more challenging poses. Similar to mat yoga, we get to experience a limitless variety of breathing exercises, explore meditation and visualization techniques, purify and raise our energy levels through the age old art of chanting and open up ourselves to the endless possibilities of self–exploration. Integrating these elements into a chair yoga practice, we lengthen and strengthen the body, bringing the body, mind and spirit into alignment. This helps to eliminate stress, prevents "dis–ease," bodily tension and very often injury itself! "Any–body," healthy and fit or temporarily injured or disabled can now "get out of their rut and get fit on their butt." And Lore's Long Island Chair Yoga can be brought directly to your facility, creating a chair yoga program to specifically meet your organization's particular needs and goals.

Due to the growing demand of Chair Yoga and the tremendous necessity for seasoned Chair Yoga Instructors, Lore has been teaching Chair Yoga Trainings to an audience of yoga instructors, yoga enthusiasts, nurses, PT's, social workers, therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, healers, etc. — basically anybody who is seriously interested in pioneering Chair Yoga and sharing it with the variety of people and populations that are desperately in need of experiencing the benefits of yoga!

Lore Kent's Long Island Chair Yoga
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