Lore's Love For Yoga, Musica And Mountains

Lore Kent has been studying, practicing and living the yoga philosophy since 1999. Lore became a Certified Yoga Instructor at Center Point Yoga Studio, NYC. In 2006, Lore became certified in Chair Yoga. Lore was in awe of what could be accomplished in a chair and equally overwhelmed by the number of people that were missing out on the benefits of yoga — simply because they could not, would not, or their spacial circumstances did not allow them to practice yoga on a mat!

For the first eight years of Lore's yoga practice, Lore was a dedicated Ashtangi. After eight years of completely emersing herself in Ashtanga, Lore felt it was time to branch out and experience other styles of Yoga.

Lore enjoys teaching many styles of mat yoga, including Vinyasa Flow (movement and breath) to beginner, intermediate, advanced yogis and Power Yoga. Becoming more and more involved with alignment principles through discovering Anusara Style Yoga, Lore presently incorporates a great deal of alignment principles into her classes. Additionally, Lore offers an energetic and invigorating Power Core and Upper Body Workout.

Prior to teaching yoga, Lore created and founded Music–in–MeTM, a music and movement program that allowed young children the freedom to create and connect with their imaginations through musical play and dramatic movement. For sixteen years, Lore interacted with the children and watched them utilize their imaginations through musical play and dramatic movement. Lore taught her "Music–in–Me" program at her own studios as well as at the Great Neck Arts Center, touching countless children throughout the Long Island area.

Lore believes that reaching out and helping others is rooted in the yogic philosophy. She has done numerous charitable events and outreach programs in her community. Her most accredited event started out as a grass roots Walk–Run for Winthrop Hospitalís Cancer Center for Kids. Lore created and then co–chaired this event for six years (2005-2011) — in which time it became a very prosperous fund–raising event for the Cancer Center as well as an event that the entire Great Neck community and surrounding areas lovingly supported.

Most recently, in September, 2013, Lore put together the very first Yogathon and Wellness Fair in Great Neck to benefit the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition. A variety of yoga classes were offered throughout the day, accommodating all ages, from 3-103, and every imaginable style of yoga was available for the attendees to sample and experience. Thirty different types of yoga were offered and, of course, Chair Yoga had a major presence, offered throughout the entire day. The Health Fair was comprised of massage work, energy work, chiropractors, PT's, personal trainers, spin instructors, acupuncturists, nutrionists and keynote speakers.

One of Lore's greatest passions is hiking and trekking in the mountains throughout the world, including the Himalayas, the Alps, the Dolomites, the Patagonias, Rockies, Andes, The Sahara Desert and the Julian Alps. When Lore has only a few hours to run to the hills, Cold Spring Harbor is her favorite Long Island hike! Lore feels most free and connected to her spirituality and inner–self when surrounded by the awe and magnificence of the mountains. Lore strives to always bring that sense of freedom, energy and spirituality to her yoga classes.

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