The Many Benefits Of Chair Yoga

Through Lore Kentís Long Island Chair Yoga we start to become aware of our habitual patterns (and often injuries) that donít serve us anymore, i.e., hunched or tight shoulders, achy back, compressed spine, osteopenia (low bone mass), disc injuries, crunched neck, wrist issues (carpal tunnel syndrome), tight hips and leg discomfort. Through "mindfulness" we learn how to release these old patterns and create new and positive muscle memory in our bodies. More acute health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis, obesity and scoliosis (curved spine) can improve from a daily yoga regimen.

The endless number of yoga postures (asanas) are the vehicle which help us break these unhealthy patterns, creating much needed length and space in our bodies while also strengthening and toning our muscles. Yoga postures create a greater amount of blood flow to our bodies. Through an enormous variety of breathing exercises and techniques we rejuvenate, calm, energize and/or focus "our–selves." Breathing exercises strengthen our nervous and circulatory systems while bringing an additional supply of oxygen into our entire physical bodies. Meditation and visualization techniques help us to de–stress, and if practiced on a more regular basis, a serenity and a calmness begins to wash over us. We start to feel more empowered and more in control of our lives.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a noted health commentator, states that one way to prevent further injury and lessen the symptoms of recurrent pain (especially in the back) is through yoga.

  • It engages your body, mind and spirit which may lead to a feeling of self–reliance and control over pain
  • It provides long–term preventive relief through improved posture, breath techniques and stress reduction
  • It can make you more aware of your body–balance, posture and proper alignment will be a renewed focus in your life
  • It strengthens your abdominal muscles and increases blood flow — all of which are beneficial the body
  • It can sooth your mind, which in turn can produce a relaxed, calm and meditative state that can lessen pain

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