Chair Yoga And How It Works

Lore Kentís Long Island Chair YogaTM starts off with a seated "Chair Pose"similar to the mat version of "Mountain Pose." This is the pose we always return to for a feeling of peace and grounded–ness. From "Chair Pose" we create a connection with our breath and allow the unique rhythm of our breath to sustain us throughout our Chair Yoga practice. We then practice various yoga postures, ranging from forward bending to back bending, twisting, hip–openers, balancing postures, heart–opening postures and a variety of sun salutations. Traditional yoga poses have been specifically adapted for the chair, along with creative poses and exercises. Standing and using the chair as a tool allows us to work with an unlimited amount of poses ranging from gentle to advanced poses. And every pose is experienced with a sense of safety, stability and open–ness, having the chair right there to support us. Breathing exercises are generally integrated at the beginning and end of the physical yoga practice. Chanting, meditation, visualization and inspirational readings are weaved into the Chair Yoga practice at different times depending on what the particular needs of the individual or group may be.

Similar to mat yoga, everyone works at their own individual pace and level of ability. Modifications and variations are introduced for each posture so that "every body" can find their level of comfort. Yogis are always encouraged to expand and explore their physical and emotional bodies — yet we always expand and explore with compassion and "mindfulness." Based on the particular needs and abilities of the group that Lore is working with, yogis have the option of remaining in the chair for the entire yoga practice or occasionally standing and using the chair for support and balance.

Whether on the mat or in a chair, Lore is always emphasizing breath work (so essential to our bodies and minds), empowerment, and being in right relationship with your body. No matter whether it's a gentle or advanced chair class, the atmosphere is always non–competitive and relaxed. "Teaching yoga, rather than simply exercising, is always about honoring your body and remembering how to love and appreciate your body — it's about working with your imperfections and realizing that any imperfections you may have do not limit or define you. When we realize that and start to appreciate everything we can do and open up to all of our unlimited possibilities, we are starting to practice yoga"!

"Every–body" can benefit from a chair yoga practice, especially:

  • Corporate America
  • hospitals (patients and staff)
  • libraries
  • schools
  • yoga studios
  • fitness centers
  • weight control facilities
  • senior centers
  • nursing and assisted living facilities
  • individuals and groups with injuries, disabilities or other limitations
  • pre-natal
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Parkinsons Patients
  • Bereavement Groups
  • Alzheimer Patients

Lore's intention is to have Chair Yoga offered as a staple in every yoga studio and facility.

Lore Kent's Long Island Chair Yoga
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