Credentials - There's Always Room For Growth

Lore Kent completed her 200–hour Yoga Certification at Center Point Yoga Studio in New York City. More recently, in 2008, she completed a 25–hour Chair Yoga Certification, Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga, at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. Lore attributes her passion for Chair Yoga and her acquired expertise to Lakshmi's wonderful Chair Yoga Program.

For over eight years, Lore dedicated her practice solely to Ashtanga, practicing anywhere from 1.5 hours 2.5 hours six days a week. Lore developed a comprehensive understanding of the Ashtanga system while furthering her love and appreciation for the practice. Lore also completed a seven day Ashtanga Intensive with David Swenson and worked with other Ashtanga gurus, such as David Williams and Richard Freeman.

Lore then started branching out and exploring other yoga disciplines. Taking various intensive workshops over the years with Anusara Yogini Desiree Rumbaugh and Long Island's premiere instructor, Lorraine Aguilar, Lore has come to embrace the alignment principles of Anusara Style Yoga. These Anusara Style alignment principles are woven into many of Lore's yoga classes. Movement and Yoga Queen Shiva Rea embraces movement as a yogic art form and working with her has impacted the flow, grace and creativity in Lore's "Vinyasa" style yoga classes. Completing a three day retreat with David Life and Sharon Gannon, creators of Jivamukti Yoga, impacted Lore's belief system as they both cherish Ahimsa (the Sanskrit word for non–violence). It is a truly enlightening concept to practice yoga with a sense of non–violence, honoring your body and all living creatures on the planet. Power yogis such as Anna Forrest and Baron Baptiste have contributed to Lore's Power Yoga classes and her Upper Body and Core classes. And after taking a seven day intensive program in Tulum, Mexico with Edward Clark, (who is the creator of the Yoga Dance Troupe, Tripsichore) Lore has certainly added a playful approach to arm balancing and inversions!

Lore continues to branch out by offering Chair Yoga Trainings on Long Island. It is so essential for people to understand the potential and possibilities of Chair Yoga. There are so many populations that are in tremendous need of Chair Yoga and not nearly enough qualified and passionate teachers available to teach Chair Yoga. Lore offers these Chair Yoga Trainings to yoga instructors, yoga enthusiasts, nurses, PT's, social workers, physical trainers, teachers, therapists, healers, etc. Whether the attendees have an existing professional or personal situation that allows them to immediately integrate Chair Yoga, or someone is looking to be a pioneer and create their own, personalized style of Chair Yoga, everyone leaves the Training understanding the unlimited potential of Chair Yoga, equipped with all the necessary tools to start practicing, creating and teaching Chair Yoga!

Starting in 2014, Lore has teamed up with the Integrative Cardiology Practice of Long Island. At the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, Lore is working with Dr. Regina Druz and her collegagues, creating a Chair Yoga component for the weight loss and heart healthy programs. The group and individual chair yoga classes will be an integral part of the genetically-guided, personalized lifestyle medicine. For more information visit

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