Practicing Yoga On The Mat

Lore Kent teaches Astanga Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow (movement and breath) to all levels of practicing yogis: beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Lore enjoys teaching Power Yoga, which emphasizes strengthening the muscle groups while creating length and space in our bodies. Lore specializes in strengthening the core and upper body, utilizing yoga postures to teach a unique and energetic Power Core and Upper Body class. The Anusara Style alignment principles — a specific set of heart opening alignment techniques — are integrated into all of Lore's yoga classes as the alignment aspect of yoga is fundamental to our physical bodies and our health and well–being.

Lore also enjoys teaching yoga to children of all ages. She brings her musical background and dramatic playfulness (which is the core and backbone of her Yoga–in–Me Kids Workshop) to all of her children's classes.

Lore's teen classes are an offshoot of her traditional mat classes. When working with teens, Lore recognizes the importance of boosting teenager's self–esteem and making them feel special about themselves. "If you can get a teen to tap into their "special–ness," then you're truly sharing what yoga is all about!"

Lore is available to establish her chair yoga and mat programs in facilities throughout the metropolitan area.

Lore Kent's Long Island Chair Yoga
call: 516.662.4301