Personalized Chair Yoga Programs

The Newest Mantra: "Let's Do Lunch" becomes "Let's Do Yoga"

No longer are employers and upper management worried about providing on–premise gym facilities or stress management classes for their employees — itís all about the yoga! Study upon study have repeatedly documented that employees practicing yoga are remarkably more productive, more creative, less stressed, more energized, and generally happier. Besides the obvious advantages to the employer, these benefits greatly contribute to keeping health costs down!

Lore will personalize a chair yoga program or workshop to match the specific needs and abilities of your business and/or employees. These personalized programs can be specifically designed to enable the participants to practice chair yoga on their own, and ultimately become their own teachers and healers.

The weekly sessions can be conducted before the start of the business day, during the lunch break or at the end of the work day. The employer has the option of offering it to their employees as a complimentary benefit, subsidize a portion of the cost or the classes can be offered on–premise and the participants pay out of pocket for the weekly sessions.

Lore's chair yoga workshops are usually geared to teach participants how to do basic Chair Yoga on their own. The workshops can be monthly or quarterly adn the focus is on "teaching" poses, breath work, and stress reduction. Lore recommends a minimum of 6 hours for a workshop. Three 2–hour modules are ideal, offering sufficient time for the participants to learn yoga postures, breathing techniques, chanting, and meditation/visualization exercises for relaxation and stress reduction. A manual and CD can be designed specifically for your workshop and the participants have the opportunity to practice and learn along with these materials.

And itís not just Corporate America which stands to reap these benefits. Loreís workshops are extremely well–suited to school settings, enabling educators, administrators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, para–professionals and social workers to personally benefit from the rewards of Chair Yoga, as well as passing the teachings on to the children they interact with. Teachers who are interested in integrating yoga in their classrooms are prime candidates for this workshop!

Similarly, hospital staff, administration and patients have much to gain from Loreís personalized chair yoga programs. It is well established that when staff and administration are less stressed, more energized and more focused, not only does productivity increase, but an environment is created that enhances healing, comfort and wellness in hospital patients.

Lore is available to establish her chair yoga and mat programs in facilities throughout the metropolitan area.

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