Chair Yoga Training

As of 2011, Lore Kent's Chair Yoga Trainings have been making a significant impact on Long Island.

The intention behind these Trainings is to create new Chair Yoga pioneers — teaching professionals and yoga enthusiasts how to comfortably integrate Chair Yoga into their present businesses and or personal lives. The Training gives every attendee the confidence and the necessary tools to create their own style of Chair Yoga and bring it to the appropriate population that is in desperate need of Chair Yoga. And sometimes we get to experience how Chair Yoga can profoundly impact one person's life as we share a Chair experience with a loved one and/or an aging parent!

No longer does a yoga instructor have to follow a particular lineage, follow a set sequence, verbalize yoga a specific way, or be told by a Yoga Studio that they have to teach a yoga class a particular way. The beauty of Chair Yoga is that we can bring whatever we are passionate about in life and/or in our profession to our Chair Yoga creation! These Trainings are creating a passionate group of Instructors that are taking Chair Yoga into the various and necessary populations in need of a yoga experience!

More and more Chair Yoga is snaking its way into businesses, schools, nursing facilities, hospitals, libraries, adult ed programs, senior day programs, and groups with special needs (Cancer Survivors, Bereavement Groups, Alzheimer Patients, Parkinson Patients), Pre–natal groups, overweight population — even prisons!!

Lore feels that "One of the biggest reasons that Chair Yoga is not mainstream 'yet' is that there aren't enough passionate instructors who comprehend the enormity of Chair Yoga. We are generating enormous numbers of newly certified Yoga instructors each year who are unaware of Chair Yoga! And unfortunately, they have no idea that Chair Yoga offers instructors the opportunity for far greater financial remuneration than traditional mat yoga. It is my intention to speed up the trajectory and help Chair Yoga to become a household concept!"

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